Police Dog Hunts Down Burglars Who Attacked Homeowner

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A police dog has been praised after helping to hunt down two callous thieves who broke into a house before assaulting the occupants. 

Officers were called by the distraught victims in Rock Ferry.

The homeowner and their relatives woke up in the middle of the night to find two intruders in their home. 

When they challenged the heartless thieves, they were assaulted before the intruders ran into the night. 

Thankfully, PD ‘Yoko’ and handler were nearby and responded to the 999 call that the distraught homeowners made. 

PD ‘Yoko’ – Image credit: MerPolDogs / Twitter

PD Yoko found one of the males cowering under a car.

The other thief was found nearby by response team officers, who also responded to the call for help.

Thankfully, no police officers – including PD Yoko – were injured. 

The injuries sustained by the family who awoke to find intruders in their home are not thought to be life-threatening. 

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