Police Dog & Handler Hop On Ferry After Car Thieves Swim To Island

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A police dog unit from the Chester & North Wales police dog section ended up jumping aboard a ferry after two car thieves swam to an island to try and escape from the police.

The incident happened yesterday, Wednesday 18th August, after the two males abandoned a stolen vehicle before diving into the Manchester Ship Canal and swimming to Stanlow Island.

PD ‘Sparky’. Credit: CHNW Police Dogs

However, their attempts to try and swim away from the consequences of their bad decisions did not work out well for them after they failed to realise that a ferry service ran to the island.

PD ‘Sparky’ and handler simply jumped aboard the ferry and made their way to the small island where they disembarked before hunting down the soggy fugitives.

Credit: CHNW Police Dogs

The males were found by PD Sparky hiding in some thick undergrowth.

PD Sparky and handler took both of them into custody without further incident.

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