Police Dog Finds Paramedic’s Stolen Personal Belongings After They Were Targeted By Thief Whilst Treating A Patient

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Nobody likes a thief. But when a thief decided to target a life-saving paramedic who was treating a patient at the time, the thief rightly earned the title of the ‘lowest of the low.’

The incident happened on Tuesday 28th December. 

After parking their emergency ambulance and rushing to the aid of the patient, a paramedic from the North West Ambulance Service returned to their vehicle to find that a thief had stolen their personal belongings. 

Thankfully, Police Dog ‘Xander’ and his handler from Merseyside Police Dogs were nearby.

PD ‘Xander’ started a track to try and find the heartless thief and recover the paramedic’s personal belongings.

PD ‘Xander’ | twitter.com/MerPolDogs

It did not take long before Xander managed to locate the property, and it was handed back to the life-saving paramedic. 

A spokesperson for the unit Tweeted:

‘The last thing paramedics expected to happen whilst dealing with a sick patient was to find someone had stolen their personal items from the ambulance. 

‘That was until PD Xander offered his services and located the stolen property hidden away.’

Responding to the Tweet, one person said:

‘That’s disgusting the Paramedics getting their belongings stolen while helping someone in need well done PD Xanda for finding their stolen belongings.’

Another added: 

‘Some people are just lower than low, well done PD Xander & Handler for locating these items.’

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