Police Appeal For Witnesses After Mercedes Driver Rams Brand New RPU Skoda

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Officers from Worcestershire’s Roads Policing Unit (RPU) are appealing for witnesses after one of their brand new high-performance Skoda’s was damaged after being rammed.

The incident happened on Leach Green Lane, Rubery, at approx 21:10 hours on Sunday evening (18th July).

The vehicle, a black Mercedes A-Class, rammed the police unit before making off from the scene.

Credit: OPUWorcs / Twitter

A picture shared on Twitter shows the Skoda with extensive damage to its front end.

When criminal’s damage police vehicles, local taxpayers end up picking up the cost to repair the damage.

Anyone with any dash-cam footage is being asked to contact Sgt. Bennett from Worcestershire’s RPU via 101 quoting CAD reference 798 of 18072021


  1. For goodness sake, I suggested to West Mercia Traffic dept a few years ago, having bull bars fitted to the front and front corners of their traffic cars, specifically to a) give officers greater protection, b) protect their vehicles from ramming, c) enabling the vehicles to continue pursuits even when reverse rammed, d) enabling tactical contact without damage resulting in expensive body repairs, and with an appropriate rubber wrap, pose no additional risk to pedestrians. My suggestion has been ignored…twice! One of the definitions of stupidity is not to learn from experience.

    1. I doubt they ignored your suggestion, it’s more likely they had already considered such fittings and rejected them on the grounds of safety and/or public relations.

  2. Of only it were that simple Will, bull bars as you call them, have to be anchored somewhere and modern vehicles are constructed of plastics, foams and aluminium, so those anchor points would be way back into the engine / boot compartments, probably as far as the bulkhead. The resultant energy would be distributed further into the vehicle and closer to its occupants, wrecking chassis and floorpans, instead of easily replaced plastics.
    Perhaps police workshop engineers have thought of this and are not as stupid as you think

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