Police Appeal For Info After Speed Enforcement Van Attacked By Male Armed With A Baseball Bat

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The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) have appealed for witnesses after the windows of a Road Safety Partnership speed enforcement van were smashed by a man on Wednesday afternoon.

The van was parked on North Road in Carrickfergus when a male approached it and began smashing the vehicle with a baseball bat.

Two side windows and a rear window were smashed, as well as the windscreen. 

The van’s operator was not injured during the attack, and the male suspect left the scene before the arrival of emergency response units. 

The suspect is described as wearing a grey and black hooded top with his hood up and wearing a black mask.

Inspector Rosie Leech from PSNI Roads Policing Unit said: 

“It is outrageous to see an incident like this. These vans are deployed to ensure the safety of all road users by deterring motorists from driving at excessive speed which is a major factor in a large percentage of road traffic collisions.

“It is shocking that incidents like this are happening at a time when communities should be playing their part in supporting our health service by keeping each other safe.

“I am receiving too many reports of incidents occurring where verbal abuse is directed towards camera operators or attempts being made to impede them in their work and this must stop. Anyone involved in this type of activity can expect to be dealt with by police and all subsequent consequences thereafter.

“Enquiries are continuing and officers are appealing for anyone who was in the area at the time, or who may have dashcam footage or any other information to contact police on 101 quoting reference 880- 19/05/21.”

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  1. These Van’s are not about “safety”, but about revenue, and their appearance in regular and random places is designed to catch the unwary, even where there are no accident hotspots. Also, it is disingenuous to use the excuse about speed being a factor in accidents, because it is more often that the manner of driving that is the cause of accidents, yet where are the mobile officers detecting and dealing with the idiots?

    When otherwise law-abiding drivers are driving sensibly, as I was, on a wide, dry road, at a time when no pedestrians were about, no schools or whatever nearby, and traffic so light there were only two other cars about 100 yards ahead, travelling in the same direction, yet I get fined £100 plus 3 points for the ‘crime’ of travelling 36 in a 30, my sympathy or outrage for this man’s actions dissipates enormously, and he didn’t attack the operator.

    I’m willing to bet there are many who share his frustration, and don’t naively swallow the nonsense that just because speed is a factor in most accidents, does not mean it’s the cause. The use of steering wheels and car seats are factors in every accident, as are trousers and shoes worn by the drivers, and the fact that the drivers were breathing, and using a road…but like speed, those factors are often irrelevant…except insofar as the manner in which they were being used. The most common cause of accidents is driver behaviour, eg poor observation, driving without due care, aggressive or drink/drug driving. Speed remains a factor, whether it’s low or high…but it’s not the cause.

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