Parents Dodgy Parking Outside School Leads to Their Vehicle Being Seized

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Roads Policing Officers from Worcestershire Police OPU ended up seizing a vehicle from a parent who could not park their car correctly outside a middle school in Redditch.

Having spotted the driver struggling to park the car, officers spoke to the driver to make sure they were ok.

However, it soon transpired that the vehicle’s driver was only a provisional licence holder, meaning that they had not taken their driving test, and that the car had no insurance.

Picking your child up from school when you do not have a full driving licence or insurance probably won’t get you any ‘parent of the year award’.

The vehicle was seized, and the driver was reported for several driving offences.

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  1. Well done the boys in blue…some parents should be neutered, so they won’t be allowed to have such disregard for the lives of any future children of their own, and everyone else’s!

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