Paramedic’s ‘Fuel Crisis’ Plea Goes Viral On Social Media

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A paramedic who posted on social media about the current fuel crisis has seen her post go viral. 

Jennifer Ward, who works for Medicare EMS, shared a post on her Facebook page on Friday evening. 

In the post on Facebook, Jennifer said:

‘Imagine having to go to 5 DIFFERENT petrol stations to get diesel for your AMBULANCE. 

‘Do people forget we need it to actually to attend our emergency’s? 

‘We’re already struggling enough as a service without the added pressure of not knowing where our next stop for fuel will be. 

‘Be kind, be caring, be thoughtful’.

Jennifer Ward/Facebook

The post was published on the day when petrol station forecourts around the country were overwhelmed by motorists who, having been told that there was no need to ‘panic buy’ fuel, did exactly that. 

Whilst there are no issues surrounding the amount of petrol and diesel in the country, a lack of HGV drivers meant that a handful of petrol stations had to be closed towards the end of last week. 

But this information was picked up by the mainstream media, who then ran the story, which led to the panic buying. 

Four days later, motorists are still waiting for hours to fill their vehicles up. 

In the last few minutes, it has been reported that the government will now mobilise British Army HGV drivers to try and get things back to normal. 

Jennifer’s post was ‘liked’ 11k times. 

Most marked emergency vehicles are now being prioritised on the forecourts, with pumps designated for emergency vehicles only. 

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  1. It’s the same selfish people, those who empty supermarket shelves if there’s any hint of shortages, with no consideration for anyone else, as long as they’re alright.

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