One Police Dog (And Handler) Detains Five Males Following Reports Of Males With Weapons

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When police dog ‘Moose’ and his handler responded to reports of males with weapons in Albert Park, Middlesborough, they quickly found their way to where the suspects had last been seen.

As multiple police units combed the area where the reports from members of the public had come in, PD Moose moved in on the scent, guided to where the suspects were last spotted by his trusty handler.

The crime-fighting duo made their way along an alleyway where they found not just one but five suspects.

The suspects’ thoughts about running were quickly quashed when PD Moose showed them his pearly white teeth.

Other units made their way to the location to back PD Moose and his handler up, as Moose kept a watchful eye on his hoard.

One of the males was arrested on suspicion of armed robbery and possessing a bladed article. He was taken into custody without further incident.

Featured image credit: clevepol_dogs

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