Officers Seize ‘Several Hundred’ Wraps Of Class ‘A’ And Several Knives Following Stop & Search In Hackney

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Officers from the Metropolitan Police’ Taskforce (TSG) accompanied by officers from the gangs unit in Hackney have seized ‘several hundred’ wraps of Class ‘A’ drugs and two knives following a stop and search. 

Officers stopped the male in the Frampton Park Estate before being searched by officers.

During the search, officers found a large quantity of class A drugs on the male. 

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When officers searched the male’s home address, they found two offensive weapons, including a hunting knife.

A spokesperson for the Met Task Force said:

‘Officers from TSG U35 on anti-violence patrols today completed a stop and search of a male in the Frampton Park Estate. 

‘Several hundred wraps of class A drugs found, and these awful knives at his home. 

‘Thanks to @MPSHackney Gangs unit for their help!’

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  1. Great stop by those officers. Am I alone however, in believing that terms like ‘black male’, Asian male’, and ‘white male’ only ever appear in reports these days when it suits the political narrative of the woke? The rest of the time we are all just ‘males’.

    Of course it may be argued that skin colour isn’t necessarily relevant in the reporting of crime, however, when the narrative of the woke and the racist, Marxist hate groups like ‘black lies matter’ allege too many blacks etc are in custody, skin colour becomes very relevant in demonstrating the very clear and consistent differentials between races in the context of serious offending, such as drug dealing, stabbings and shootings, robberies, rapes, and murders.

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