Mr Whippy Gets Lifted For No Insurance

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Anyone in-and-around the Central Motor Policing Groups (CMPG) patch and who was hoping for a Mr Whippy today might be slightly disappointed to learn that Mr Whippy’s van has been taken off of the road. 

Officers from the CMPG were on patrol when their onboard ANPR cameras alerted them that the ice-cream van in question was showing on their MDT as have no insurance. 

Officers then pulled the vehicle over and spoke to the driver. 

Following some enquiries, it turned out that the van did not have a valid insurance policy.

Tweeting about the encounter, a spokesperson for the unit said:

‘Sorry kids, Mr Whippy won’t be coming to visit you today. 

‘He’s been a naughty boy and not taken out any insurance, so he’s coming for a free ride on the back of a lorry.

Credit: CMPG / Twitter

‘Hopefully by the time the sun comes out he’ll have learnt how to behave properly’.

There has been no word regarding what will happen to all of the ice-cream and lollipops on the ice-cream van. 

Assuming, of course, that there were any in the first place…

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