Motorists Praised By Police After Restraining Drunk-Driver On The M3 Motorway

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Police have praised motorists after a drunk driver was restrained on the southbound M3 over the weekend. 

Witnesses had already called the police – who were making their way to the area – when the drunk motorist came to a stop on the hard shoulder after crashing on the motorway. 

As officers rushed to the scene, some motorists restrained the drunk driver and took their keys until the police arrived. 

Credit: HantsPolRoads | Twitter

Once officers arrived on the scene, the driver was given a roadside breath test. 

They blew 101, which is three times the legal limit. 

A spokesperson for the Hampshire Roads Policing Unit tweeted:

‘Brave work from members of the public who grabbed the keys and restrained the driver of a car which was all over the southbound M3. 

‘Driver arrested after blowing 101 (3x limit) at the roadside’. 

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