Motorist On M6 With Unrestrained 6-Month-Old Baby Is Stopped After Being Caught On His Mobile Phone

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For most drivers, ensuring the safety of any infants who might be in the car is a top priority, especially when driving on the motorway.

Most responsible drivers will slow down and pay much more attention to the road when they have infants in the car because they do not want the child to come to any harm.

But one motorist appears to have failed on all counts when it comes to ensuring minors’ safety, following a vehicle stop carried out by officers from the Central Motorway Police.

Not only was the driver of the vehicle that was stopped by the police on his mobile phone as he changed lanes, but he also had a six-month-old baby in the back of his car, which was unrestrained.

CMPG tweeted:

‘We have just stopped a vehicle junction 8 of the M6. 

‘The driver had his phone in his hand and was trying to change lanes. 

‘When stopped we found a 6 month old baby unrestrained in the back. Court now awaits’.

You might not care about your safety when driving, but not caring about the safety of children who are in your car is disgraceful! 


  1. Drivers who behave that recklessly should face instant bans, because if they have so low regard for the lives of their own children, how much less with their regard be for other drivers or pedestrians? Perhaps even better, they should have to face a new driving test?

  2. Take away both his license and his child. He doesn’t deserve either. Leave him his phone as it is obviously more precious to him.

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