Motorist Faces Losing Their Licence After Being Caught Speeding At 134 MPH

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A motorist is facing the prospect of losing their driving licence after being clocked by Roads Policing Unit officers driving at 134 mph in a 70 mph zone. 

The wannabe Formula 1 driver maxed out at 134 mph whilst being followed by an unmarked traffic unit. 

Owing to their speed, there is a good chance that the speeding driver will end up losing their driving licence. 

A spokesperson for OPU Worcestershire tweeted:

‘Catch of the day. Member of the public caught speeding on the M42 this morning, speeds up to 134 mph!’ 

At 134 mph, your stopping distance, including ‘thinking distance’, is around 186 metres…

So if something happens in front of you when you are travelling at that speed, such as a deer running out in front of you, you have little chance of avoiding the hazard. 

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