Met’s Territorial Support Group Seize Loaded Firearm After Stop & Search In Croydon

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Officer’s from the Met’s Territorial Support Group (TSG) took a loaded firearm off the streets following a stop and search in Croydon over the weekend.

The officers were deployed as part of ‘Operation Surge’, which tackles crime hotspots and violent crime around London.

When the TSG officers initially tried to speak to the male, he ran away from them, leading to a short foot chase. What the officers did not at the time, was that the male was armed with two knives and a loaded firearm.

The officers giving chase only would have had their ASP’s and PAVA spray to protect themselves, should the male have turned on them.

Image credit: MetTaskForce

It was not long before the elite public order unit got hold of the male, who was then subdued and searched.

During the search, officers found a loaded firearm, two knives and a large bag of drugs.

Image credit: MetTaskForce

The male was taken into custody without further incident.

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  1. The absence of any description suggests it was one of the usual suspects…and thank goodness he either didn’t get the chance to use his weapons, or chose not to.

    Well done those officers, and demonstrating the danger they so often face, usually without knowing.

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