Met Territorial Support Group Officers Seize Three Knives Following Short Pursuit On Oxford Street

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Officer’s from the Met’s Territorial Support Group (TSG) arrested several males for a number of offences after a car made off from them yesterday (3rd Jan) evening. 

The TSG officers were on patrol when they spotted a suspicious vehicle in the area. 

But when the TSG unit (callsign ‘U5268’) indicated for the vehicle to pull over, it made off from them, initiating a short pursuit. 

Officers searched the area and quickly located the vehicle with the occupants still in it. However, this time they were not able to escape. 

The males in the car were arrested for possession of cannabis and Class ‘C’ drugs with intent to supply, assault on police, theft and for being in possession of offences weapons. 

Three knives were seized from the vehicle, two of which were so-called ‘zombie’ knives. 

Responding to the news, one social media user said: ‘Yet again stop and search works!!!! Thank you and keep up your great work.’

Another added: ‘When will the judiciary realise we have a problem that demands a serious deterrent? Slapped wrist and £50 fine doesn’t cut it!’

Met Police officers have been ramping up the use of stop and search to try and reduce the number of teenagers who have been murdered on the streets of London. 

Last year, 30 teenagers were murdered in London, the highest number of teenage deaths since 2008. 

One social media user summed up the feelings of many when they said: 

‘Stopping and searching people/vehicles works! 

‘Never let politically motivated bad faith actors persuade you otherwise.’

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