Medic Speaks Out After ‘Idiot’ Throws Brick At Ambulance That Was Responding To A 999 Call

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A medic has spoken out after their emergency ambulance was targetted by a mindless moron who decided to throw a brick at them as they responded to a call for help. 

No details were provided concerning where the incident happened, but it is believed that the idiot struck yesterday, 12th July.

In a post on social media, the medic said:

‘I absolutely love my job, but at times I question whether the risks are worth it. 

‘Last week we were attacked at a job, and tonight a lovely human being decided it was a good idea to launch a brick at us whilst on blue lights.

‘Fortunately, it didn’t come through the windscreen.

‘Unfortunately, the lady who desperately needed urgent medical help then did not have an ambulance. 

‘I wish this idiots would realise that their actions have consequences’.

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