Male Arrested For Failing DrugWipe After Being Spotted Trying To Clear Windscreen With Bottle Of Water Whilst Driving

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A motorist was arrested on the M57 after being spotted by officers trying to clear his windscreen with a water bottle whilst hurtling along on the busy motorway.

The bizarre incident happened yesterday evening, Sunday, 28th November, as Merseyside Roads Policing Unit officers were on patrol.

Officers said they stopped the driver ‘for a chat’ about his driving and could smell cannabis on the male.

The dodgy driver was given a DrugsWipe test at the roadside, which he failed after testing positive for cannabis.

After being arrested at the roadside, the male was taken to a local police station, where he was booked into custody.

One Twitter user said: ‘It’s gross and absolutely everywhere now what mental health issues there’ll be long term goodness knows.’

Another added: ‘This type of driving is now way to common. You can’t stop everyone but something needs to be done for these morons are on this stuff more and more and driving …..’

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