M1 Welfare Check Leads To Empty Vodka Bottle And A Sleeping Driver

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Earlier today (25th March), officers from Leicestershire Roads Policing Unit were called to check on a motorist’s welfare who appeared to be slumped over the wheel of a car parked on the hard shoulder of the M1.

Not sure what they were going to find, officers made their way to the part of the busy motorway where the vehicle had been spotted.

After locating the vehicle and parking a safe distance behind it, officers walked up to the driver’s window and found a male who appeared to be unconscious.

However, it soon transpired that the male was not actually unconscious. He was asleep.

And next to him, officers found an empty bottle of vodka.

The driver was arrested and taken back to a local police station so that officers could take an evidential reading regarding the amount of alcohol in his system.

Image credit: LeicsPoliceRPY

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