Impatient Driver Instantly Regrets Hounding Unmarked Unit With RPU Boss In It

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Many bosses in specialist police units will often go out on some shifts with their troops as a way of keeping up-to-date with the many challenges facing the police at the moment. 

The head of Kent Police’s Roads Policing Unit recently joined one of their unmarked units on patrol. 

As they travelled along the M20, an impatient motorist got behind their vehicle, not knowing that it was an unmarked police car. 

They started to tailgate the car for reasons known only to the impatient motorist whilst repeatedly flashing their headlights. 

After a few moments, the officers in the unmarked car illuminated their rear matrix sign, instructing the impatient driver – who by now realised that he was on the bumper of an unmarked police car – to follow them. 

The impatient driver was then issued a ticket for careless driving. 

A spokesperson for Kent Police RPU tweeted:

‘Our Head of Roads Policing popped out for a shift with the RSU today. 

‘This was the sight that greeted an impatient driver who decided to flash our unmarked vehicle & tailgate it on the M20 @KentPoliceMaid

 TOR for Careless Driving’. 

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