Ikea Customer Gets Points On Licence After DIY Home Delivery

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We have all been there. You buy a few items from Ikea in a rage of excitement, pay for them and then figure out how you will try and get the ‘things’ back home. 

If you are lucky, then the flat-pack products you have just purchased will fit in your car. Or you might have a friend who has got a bigger vehicle than you and who is happy to help out. 

If all else fails, then you can always opt for the home delivery option if cramming your new furniture into your car isn’t going to work.

But for one not-so-happy shopper, the only option was to cram the flat-pack into their vehicle. It fitted. But at the cost of their ability to see out of the majority of their windows. 

If the driver was used to driving tanks, then they would be familiar with the restricted view. 

But this driver wasn’t in a tank and probably wasn’t a tank driver. 

CMPG tweeted:

‘Do you pay for @IKEA delivery or endanger other road users through your lack of driving view. 

‘Tough decision for some, in this case the delivery would of been considerably cheaper than the fine & points for driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition, M6 south J6’.

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  1. Seems fair enough. Although too few people use their mirrors enough, it is clearly dangerous to drive with the use of only the driver’s side mirror.

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