HGV Driver ‘Dealt With’ After Stopping For A Sleep On The Hard Shoulder

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Those of us who use the motorways regularly know how dangerous the hard shoulder can be. 

When the traffic is hurtling along at 70(?!) mph, and a vehicle suddenly experiences problems, the first place it (should) head for is the hard shoulder. 

This can often mean that vehicles enter the hard shoulder at a high rate of knots.

Which is one of the many reasons why hard shoulders are reserved for emergencies only. 

If, for example, you get a blow-out, then the last thing you would expect to meet on the hard shoulder is an HGV that had been parked up so that the driver can catch a few Zs. 

So when Highways Agency control room staff spotted a large blue HGV on the M6, they asked the police to go and take a look. 

When officers from the Central Motorway Policing Group arrived on the scene, they went to speak to the driver only to find that he was catching up on his beauty sleep, right next to the fast-moving traffic. 

A spokesperson for the unit tweeted to say:

‘B Unit back after rest days and straight into it. The driver of this truck stopped on the hard shoulder for a sleep. 

‘They’ve now been appropriately dealt with and removed from the motorway. 

‘The hard shoulder is needed for emergency use and isn’t ever a rest area’.

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