Four Police Officers Hurt And Two Police Cars Damaged After Being Rammed During A Pursuit

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Four police officers were injured on Wednesday, 9th February, after two police vehicles were rammed by the driver of a suspected stolen vehicle.

The incident happened in Fenland, Cambridgeshire after officers tried to stop three males who were in the fleeing vehicle.

One of the police vehicles, a Peugeot, sustained heavy damage to its front and side following the incident.

Thankfully, the injuries sustained by the officers were not serious.

Three males were taken into custody, and Lincolnshire Police are handling the investigation.

Responding to the news, one social media user said: ‘Utterly unacceptable and seriously dangerous, the side intrusion looks particularly nasty. Wishing your colleagues well’

Another added: ‘make the offenders pay for the damage they cause to the police vehicles’

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