Fleeing Driver Wearing ‘You’ll Never Catch Me Copper’ Gets Caught

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Yesterday, 16th March, Roads Policing Units from Surrey Police got behind a vehicle that failed to stop for them.

Between 2-5 RPU vehicles were involved in the pursuit that took officers northbound on the M23 towards the M25.

It is not entirely clear at this stage why the driver of the fleeing vehicle decided to put the lives of innocent motorists at risk owing to their selfish behaviour.

However, what is clear, is that, as is often the case, a fleeing motorist is not a match for the resources and driving skills at the polices disposal.

So, you guessed it; the wrong’un was caught.

It turned out that the driver had decided to put on his favourite ‘You’ll never catch me copper’ hoodie before taking the officers on the pursuit.

Image credit: SurreyRoadCops

Apart from the hoodie being grammatically incorrect, it turned out that the statement on it was false also.

@SurreyRoadCops tweeted to say:

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