Firefighter Pays ‘Cake Fine’ To Police For ‘That’ FBU Tweet

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Following a tweet published by the Fire Brigades Union, which, judging by the response, did not have most firefighters’ backing, a firefighter has made some amazing-looking Crunchie ‘Cakes’ for their police colleagues to help re-build some bridges. 

For anyone not aware of the tweet in question, then Emergency Services News did a great article on it, which you can read by clicking HERE

Someone shared the picture of the yummy treats on ‘Rate My Refs‘, which is a Facebook page that ‘celebrates’ anything that is eaten during a rare ‘Refs’ (refreshments) break. 

With the picture was the caption:

‘Cakefine from firefighter to a local police station “for THOSE FBU comments”.

‘We appreciate you #999Family’. 

The picture was shared in the ‘Rate My Refs’ Facebook Group

What better way to have a virtual hug than over some Crunchie millionaire shortbread! 

We are sure that it won’t be long before the calories will be run off after going after some wrong’uns.

As a sign of appreciation, one member of the ‘Rate My Refs’ group said: ‘Very good Red Family, very good, as you were ❤️💙

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