Explosive Ordnance Disposal Called After Officer Flagged Down By Motorist With A Mortar In His Boot

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A Surrey Roads Policing Unit officer was flagged down by a motorist on Sunday (12th December), who informed the officer that he had a mortar in his boot. 

In a Tweet, a spokesperson for the unit said:

‘[an officer] was flagged down [by a motorist] who said: “Hello officer, I found a mortar, I put it into the boot of my car, and I’m off to the police station.”

The motorist then got out of his car, removed the mortar and placed it on the grass verge next to the road. 

The officer immediately contacted the force control room, who then requested the assistance of explosive ordnance disposal. 

In a tweet published at the time of the incident, the officer said: ‘Awaiting EOD to come and make safe, then time for new pants.’


Responding to the tweet, one Twitter user said:

‘was sent to one some years ago: 

‘Caller – I’ve found what I thinks a grenade 

‘Call taker – can you describe it to me 

‘Caller – hang on a minute…Ok, it’s (describes it) 

‘Call Taker – you’re holding it, aren’t you? Can you pop back outside and put it back in the bucket of sand..’

Offering advice for anyone else who might find themselves in a similar situation, Surrey Road Cops tweeted:

‘If you ever find ordnance or a suspicious package, DO NOT poke, open, move or transport it. 

‘Retreat a min of 50 meters and Call Police on 999 and leave it in situ.’

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  1. Someone phoned me in the contact Center.
    “My friend has bought me an explosive detonator”
    How do you know what it is?
    “I took it apart!”
    Where is it?
    “In the garage on the tumble dryer, it’s ok I put it back together……”
    Advice given to take steps. Big ones.
    EOD called.
    No need for new pants.

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