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Essex Resident Calls The Police To Ask Why The Police Helicopter Is Flying

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A person in Essex called the police to ask why the police helicopter was flying. 

After hearing the machine buzzing overhead, the resident decided to phone the police control room to find out what incident the helicopter was dealing with. 

A spokesperson for the Essex Police Control Room tweeted:

‘This evening (2nd November) we had a call asking why 

@NPAShq are up in their area. 

‘There are a number of reasons as to why the Police helicopter is up, it could be a missing person, pursuit, public order incident, and at times we use them for RTC’s if we can’t find all the occupants’.

Generally speaking, police control rooms will not reveal to members of the public what tasking a police aircraft has been given.

As an example of the type of life-saving incidents police helicopters respond to; on 1st October, an NPAS helicopter looking for a high-risk missing person landed so that a crew member could console the misper who was spotted by the aircraft sat on the edge of a cliff. 

Anyone interested in the work of their local NPAS aircraft should follow their nearest airbase on Twitter. 

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