Essex Man Calls 999 Because He Missed His Bus

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Thankfully, most of us have enough common sense to know what is and, more importantly, what is not an emergency.

When you call 999 and ask to speak to, for example, the police, then there is a solid chance that either a crime is happening or is about to happen. 

So we can only wonder what on earth would make somebody think that missing his bus warranted a 999 call to Essex Police’s control room. 

But that is precisely what one male did earlier today.

A spokesperson for the Force Control Room (@EPcontrolroom) at Essex Police Tweeted:

‘One of our call takers took a 999 call from a male who missed his bus, asking him if we could give him a lift into town. 

‘When we advised him that we are not a taxi service, he decided to call family to take him instead. 

‘Why was calling the emergency line his first thought?’.

You have to feel for the 999 control room staff who join the job to help people who are often in need of immediate and urgent help, but then have to end up taking calls from people who have missed their bus and need a lift into town. 

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