Drunk Audi Driver Spotted By Police With Most Of Its Front-End Missing

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When you have a skinful and then get behind the wheel of your car, you are putting the lives of innocent members of the public at risk. 

This is one reason why Roads Policing Units (RPUs) around the country are always on the look-out for drunk drivers; the emergency always ends up having to pick up the pieces. 

Often, tips-off from other motorists leads the police to drunk drivers. But sometimes, no such tip-offs are needed.

An RPU unit spotted this Audi as it made its way to wherever it was going, with most of its front off-side missing. 

The driver of the car clearly had a significant impact with something but decided nonetheless to carry on with their journey. 

A spokesperson for DerbyshireRPU tweeted:


‘This is not an image from the scene of a collision but, in fact, an image of a car which the drunk driver behind the wheel continued to drive it. Words fail us. 

‘Driver arrested who is also wanted on warrant by @syptweet for harassment. With @NEastResponse #Fatal4’ 

The driver now potentially faces the prospect of losing their licence for at least 18 months—a high price to pay for not getting a taxi. 

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