Driver Reported After Driving Their Vehicle In Ridiculous Condition

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A driver has been reported after police spotted a VW being driven on a public road with most of its front nearside missing. 

Officers from Staffordshire Special Constabulary spotted the VW during the early hours of this morning (14th March) as it was being driven through Newcastle-under-Lyme. 

The volunteer police officers then alerted their colleagues from Staffordshire Police, who stopped the vehicle and spoke to the driver. 

A spokesperson for Staffordshire Police Response tweeted:

‘Officers were alerted to this vehicle by StaffsSpecial colleagues early this morning in Newcastle-under-Lyme. 

‘The driver thought it was safe to drive this vehicle in this state!

‘Vehicle seized, and driver reported for driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition.’

Responding to the tweet, one social media user said:

‘I’d love to know exactly what the driver’s reasoning was for believing it was safe, and I wonder what he thinks is unsafe. What an utter waste of space.’

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