Driver Regrets Giving ‘Two Finger Salute’ To CVU Officer’s After They Ban His Vehicle From The Roads

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Whilst on patrol in Enfield, two Metropolitan Police officers, noticed that a passing motorist decided to stick to fingers up at them (also sometimes referred to as the ‘two finger salute’). 

So, unsurprisingly, the officers pulled the driver over to educate them about manners and the Public Order Act.

It just so happened that the officers who the motorist swore at were specialist Commercial Vehicle Unit officers (CVU), so they gave the driver’s car a quick once over. 

If there is something wrong with your car/truck, in terms of its suitability to be on the road, a CVU officer will find it. 

After a few minutes, one of the officers noticed two bulges on two of the car’s tyres. 

After issuing the vehicle with a PG9 (which prevents the car from being used on the public road), the driver was also given a date with the local Magistrate. 

Some would call the outcome ‘karma’. 

A spokesperson for the unit tweeted:

‘Officers from #EastCVU were patrolling @MPSEnfield when a passing car decided to give officers the “V” with two fingers. 

‘Driver was adamant that his car was “clean” but 2 bulges later found the vehicle prohibited, requiring a new MOT & processed to court’. 

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