Driver Fined After Passenger Caught Holding Unrestrained Baby On The Motorway

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As parents/guardians, we have a moral responsibility to ensure that we do everything we can to ensure our offspring’s safety and welfare, especially when they are babies. 

So you can imagine how Roads Policing Unit officers felt when they spotted a car driven on the motorway that had a baby in the back seat that the rear seat passenger was holding. 

It is little wonder that the driver of the car was issued with a fixed penalty notice and a £100 fine! 

SurreyRoadCops / Twitter

When you think that you can buy baby seats on Amazon for under £100, then it makes you wonder why they didn’t just buy a seat rather than risky the baby’s life by just holding it? 

A spokesperson for Surrey Road Cops tweeted:

‘Carrying your most precious cargo completely unrestrained on the motorway. 😡 

‘If these people were involved in a collision, the baby would become a rag doll. Three points & a £100 fine to the driver’. 

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