Dog Unit Saves Person’s Life After Finding Them Curled Up In Thick Undergrowth

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A police dog unit (Chester & North Wales Police Dogs) has once again shown the life-saving skills of K9’s after police dog ‘Sparky’ and handler found a high-risk missing person (Misper).

The duo had been called to assist with searching for a vulnerable high-risk missing person in Ellesmere Port yesterday (15th May) evening.

Once at the scene, PD Sparky put his nose to work and set about trying to find the high-risk missing person.

police dog sparky
police dog ‘Sparky’ / Credit: CHNW Police Dogs

Generally speaking, a missing person is denoted by the police as ‘high-risk’ if there is credible information that the misper’s life is in danger.

It was not long before Sparky picked up the scent of the misper who was found curled up, hidden deep in think bushes.

Thanks to PD Sparky and handler, the misper is now being given the help and support they need.

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  1. These posts are great reminders to all they reach how important our police officers, in which I of course include K9s are. There are police forces actively attacking free speech, and like Notts, categorizing something as simple as wolf whistling as a ‘hate crime’, and they are to be rightly condemned…but the majority of good, dedicated officers doing real police work day in day out, must be remembered, and applauded.

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