Dog Owner Apologises After Family Pet Calls 999 And Gets Through To The Police

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A dog owner has tweeted Durham Police to apologise after their dog accidentally called 999 and was put through to the police. 

The dog apparently grabbed its owner’s phone and, whilst fumbling around with it, managed to dial the three 9’s. 

Credit: Andrea Franklin / Twitter

Andrea Franklin tweeted:

‘OMG, THE DOG just rang 999 when he pinched the phone! Sorry to the call handler @DurhamPolice

‘Can you send our apologies to them? didn’t realise he did it till Mam got a call back from them. This is the offender’.

Durham Constabulary saw the funny side of the situation and tweeted:

‘Now that’s a guilty face if there ever was one – silly doggo’

Maybe now is a good time to sit down with your dog and explain to them about the correct use of the 999 system…

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