Dog Handler Liable For ‘Cake Fine’ After Forgetting To Take His Dog To Work

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There is an unwritten and informal rule in the emergency services. If you make a minor ‘error’ at work, you are liable for a cake fine. 

Such errors include driving home with the keys to a work vehicle still in your pocket or driving your emergency vehicle with the logbook still on the roof. 

Or maybe you are the last person on parade, meaning that everyone else has had to wait for you. 

The payment of a ‘cake fine’ is always voluntary and never compulsory.

But it would appear that one police dog handler will have to buy a truck-load of cakes after he/she forgot to bring their dog with them to a training venue. 

A tweet shared by @LancsPolDogUnit confirmed:

‘Asking on behalf of a colleague. What level of cake fine is it for forgetting to bring your dog with you to a training venue?’

One follower suggested: ‘Maybe depends on whether the handler then plays the part of their dog to the amusement of the rest of the team?’

Another suggested: ‘A weekly payout for the next 52 weeks as a minimum ( and not including anything with a reduced label on it)’

Working shifts can have a funny effect on your memory… 

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