Dismay After CPS Bails Burglar Who Broke Into Their Offices As They Decide If ‘There Is Enough Evidence’ To Charge The Thief

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Imagine, for a second, that you are a police officer or, in this case, a police dog handler. 

During your night shift, you receive a call about a burglary in process at a property that belongs to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). 

You rush to the scene and find a suspect climbing out of a smashed window at 01:00 hours with a CPS laptop in their hand. 

Having caught the thief, you take them back to a police station, where they then admit in an interview that they had broken into the CPS property to steal. 

Once you have completed your seven hours worth of paperwork and section 18’s, you then phone the Crown Prosecution Service for a charging decision. 

By this stage, you are probably thinking that all will go as planned. 

But, alas, that is not what happened when officers made ‘the call’ to a CPS lawyer. 

According to the officers concerned, the CPS asked for the burglar to be bailed so they ‘could decide as to whether or not there was enough evidence to charge’ the self-confessed thief. 

A spokesperson for West Yorkshire Police Dogs tweeted:

‘having been caught climbing out of a smashed window at 1 in the morning with a laptop in their hand and then fully admitting the offence on interview, the CPS have asked for the suspect to be bailed so they can assess if there’s enough evidence to charge them’.

And still, people wonder why morale in the police is, generally speaking, so low. 


  1. Time to get rid of the money grabbing CPS as its not fit to make decisions when its already proven.

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