CSI Officer Saves Mans Life After He Collapsed In The Street

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A ‘CSI’ (or, rather, Forensic Scene Investigator) helped save a man’s life earlier today in Stechford after they spotted a male who had collapsed in the street following a suspected heart attack. 

As the FSI quickly began CPR on the male, they radioed for a police unit to respond to the location with a defibrillator.

‘C’ Team response units quickly arrived on the scene and promptly put the defib to work as paramedics raced to the scene. 

Thanks to the FSI and their colleagues’ quick-thinking actions, the male was conscious and breathing as he was rushed to hospital for treatment.

A spokesperson for Response WMP on Twitter said:

‘An FSI officer @ForensicsWMP spotted a male collapse & suffer a suspected heart attack. 

‘They quickly began CPR & #CTeam Stechford raced to the scene with a defibrillator. 

‘Fortunately these actions were lifesaving and he was taken to hospital conscious and breathing!’ 

Featured image credit: ResponseWMP / Twitter

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