Could This Be The Coolest Posting During The G7 Summit?

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You have probably seen loads of pictures and videos floating around on social media from the G7 Summit. 

If not, then Emergency Services News had a decent summary of some of the best pics, which you can see by clicking here

But out of all of the images we have seen, I think a picture of two Counter-Terrorism Specialist Firearms Officers (CTSFO’s) enjoying an ice cream whilst riding a jet-ski has to be the best!

If you are reading this and you can feel yourself becoming ‘triggered’ by this picture, then sit down and take a few deep breaths. 

The officers weren’t enjoying a day out on a jet-ski that they had hired for a jolly. Instead, they were on ‘standby’, ready to respond to any security threats. 

Jet Ski’s tend to be faster than traditional boats, and with a draught of just a few inches, they can get to places most other boats cannot. 

Secondly, even police officers require food and drink to survive. This means that they have to eat too, even if it is ice cream. 

And lastly, yes, they were wearing lifejackets, but not the sort of large orange lifejackets which you would typically see on a pleasure boat. 

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