Cops Nab Catalytic Converter Thieves TWO DAYS After They Were Bailed For The Same Offences

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Being a police officer can sometimes feel a bit like being in a scene from groundhog day. Why? Well, because you see the same faces over and over and over again.

The sad truth is, that around 20% of the same people are responsible for approximately 80% of the crime. How do I know this? I served for nearly a decade on a police 999 response team in east London.

On 9th June, officers from Kent Police’s Tactical Operations unit found a vehicle that was on cloned plates.

The vehicle occupants had been ruining the motoring lives of multiple victims by stealing the catalytic converters from their cars.

Officers arrested the three thieves before embarking on what would have probably been around 8-12 hours of paperwork.

The thieves were bailed, pending further enquiries.

However, their run-in with the law did not bother the career criminals, who, only three days later, led officers on a pursuit.

During the pursuit, the National Police Air Service, as well as a police drone team and a police dog unit, were all deployed to catch the thieves who, you guessed, had been stealing catalytic converters; again.

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