Cops Find Abandoned Boat On The Motorway

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Out of all the things you would expect to find on the hard shoulder of a motorway, a boat is not one of them.

But that is precisely what West Yorkshire Police Roads Policing Officers found whilst on patrol during the early hours of this morning (10th April). 

Despite it being 02:00 hours when the officers found the boat, their pun-game was on point. 

In a tweet, a spokesperson for the unit said:

‘Our Motorway Patrol does knot know how this got here; maybe someone took the sea-nic route? 

WYP_RPU / Twitter

‘Bouy, whoever left this here needs a stern talking to! 

‘We can’t think of anymore puns, canoe?’

Keeping wave of puns coming, one Twitter user said:

‘oar it was just plain sailing down the lanes before it decided to anchor its self on the Quay side of the motorway knowing it was imPORTtant place so as not to harbour any problems…’

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