Cop Pushes Stranded Motorist Over 1 Mile In Pouring Rain After Recovery Company ‘Refused To Stop’

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An unnamed police officer has been applauded on social media after coming to the aid of some stranded motorists after their vehicle broke down on a busy rural road. 

Officers had just finished dealing with a minor road traffic collision (RTC) when their attention was drawn to the stranded motorist. 

He had broken down before the RTC, but his recovery company refused to stop because it was deemed ‘too dangerous’ for them to do so. 

Rather than leave the couple stranded, the officer pushed the broken down vehicle almost one mile in the pouring rain up a hill until he came to a parking area.

Image credit: Spotted Paignton

As the police car that responded to the RTC was not fitted with a tow bar, the only way the officer could clear the road and safeguard the stranded couple was to summon all of his strength and push the car up the hill to safety. 

As there was no hard shoulder on the stretch of road where the motorist had broken down, leaving the vehicle where it was ‘in-situ’ was not an option. 

A passing motorist shared the post celebrating the officer’s hard work in a Facebook group called ‘Spotted Paignton’. 

The person who took the photo added: 

‘You don’t see this side of policing on the news.

‘He put his life at risk to get people out of harms way and pushed all by himself while other cars just drove past’.

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