Brand New £200k McLaren Seized After Driver Leaves Showroom With No Insurance

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The proud owner of a brand new £200k McLaren had to wave goodbye to their sportscar after police seized it for having no insurance.

Roads Policing Unit officers had their attention drawn to the vehicle after they spotted that it did not have a front number plate – a legal requirment for vehicles in the UK.

As officers made further enquiries, it also turned out that the driver of the supercar did not have a valid insurance policy in place for the vehicle.

After being loaded onto the back of a recovery unit, the McLaren was taken to a local car pound.

The owner will now have to produce a valid insurance certificate for the vehicle before retrieving it.

However, he/she might find it hard to find an insurance policy that will enable the owner to remove the vehicle from the car pound, as most private motor policies have clauses within them that exclude cover when a car is being retrieved from a pound.

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