BMW Driver Summoned To Court After Parking Car On Live Tram Rails

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Whilst we can all agree that trying to find decent, cheap parking in built-up areas is quite hard, most of us would draw the line at parking our cars on live tram tracks. 

But that is precisely what one BMW driver decided to do in Manchester yesterday evening. 

Greater Manchester Police’s Roads Policing Unit officers were alerted to the fact that a blue BMW had been left unattended on some tracks belonging to MCR Metrolink. 

When officers arrived on the scene, they tried to find the driver of the car but came up empty-handed. 

Instead, the police recovered the vehicle, and the registered keeper was sent a summons to appear in court. 

Thankfully, no trams hit the vehicle, which is extremely lucky considering where the driver left the BMW. 

A spokesperson for the unit tweeted:

‘We will pursue every line of enquiry to identify those causing disruption to this city’s transport network. 

‘The driver of this vehicle failed to contact us so we went to him. He’s now the proud owner of a damaged BMW and a summons to court’.

As you can imagine, Twitter users were quick to call out the buffoonery of the individual who decided to leave their car on a live tram track. 

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