BMW Driver Instantly Regrets ‘Dodgy Driving’ In Front Of Unmarked Police Car

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One of the good things, from a policing perspective, of an unmarked police vehicle is that its crew tends to see something that their colleagues driving in marked cars might end up missing. 

For example, most of you have probably, at some point, witnessed someone driving like a complete idiot when the police aren’t around. 

But the police tend to use more unmarked cars than you might think. As one BMW driver found out when he started to do ‘silly overtakes’, wheel spins and started to drive like a numpty generally. 

An unmarked Derbyshire Roads Policing unit was nearby and happened to witness everything that the BMW driver was doing.

A spokesperson for the unit tweeted:

‘Normanton, Derby. Silly overtakes, wheel spinning and anti-social driving in the city. All whilst we watch from one of our unmarked cars. Reported, S59 warning’.

A Section 59 warning means that if the vehicle is spotted being driven similarly, the owner can wave goodbye to his car. 

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