ARV Crew Finds Kitchen Knife, Machete And Hunting Knife During Stop And Search

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A West Midlands Police Armed Response Vehicle (ARV) crew has taken three knives off the streets after responding to multiple 999 calls following an incident in Newtown on Sunday (29th March).

Concerned members of the public called the police following a large disturbance, and various units, including the ARV, were sent to the area.

When the ARV crew arrived on the scene, they identified three males who fitted the descriptions that the members of the public had given to Force Control Room staff.

After being searched, the officers found a hunting knife, a machete and a kitchen knife on the males.

Image credit: FirearmsWMP

The three males were arrested and taken to a local police station.

Officers later thanked the members of the public who called the emergency services when a spokesperson for the unit tweeted:

‘Thank you to the callers, you potentially saved lives’.

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  1. More great work. This is what the police should be allowed to do, not acting like the Stazi against free speech on behalf of the woke

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