ARV Crew Find Cache Of Weapons In Vehicle Following Stop & Search In Harrow

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A Metropolitan Police Armed Response Vehicle crew has taken several weapons off of the streets, following a stop and search in Harrow in the early hours of the morning.

The vehicle involved in the stop was spotted by officers driving around Harrow. When the officers went to speak to the occupants, they ran from the car.

After a short foot chase, the occupants of the vehicle were detained without further incident.

When the officers searched the vehicle, they found a cache of weapons, including an axe, a hunting knife and two ‘zombie’ knives.

Three males were arrested at the scene and booked into police custody.

The incident highlights the vital role that stop and search plays in the war on violent crime, at a time when the murder rate in London is expected to hit a 13-year high.

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  1. Brilliant and necessary job, particularly in managing to catch the scum as they ran away.
    It would be nice if the courts now do their job, and issue sentences that demonstrate they are taking these violent criminals and their vicious knives as seriously as they should.

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