A Drunk Driver Drove Their Fiat In This State On The M6 Before Being Stopped By Officers

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The driver of a Fiat 500 was arrested by officers earlier this month after they were spotted driving on the southbound M6 with most of the front-end of their vehicle missing. 

The officers, attached to Lancashire Road Police, were on a driving course when they spotted the heavily damaged vehicle on the Cumbria stretch of the M6. 

When officers stopped the vehicle, the driver became aggressive and had to be restrained at the roadside. 

Credit: twitter.com/LancsRoadPolice

After being arrested, the male was taken into custody and charged with various offences. 

Their vehicle was removed from the roadside and taken to a car pound. 

Responding to the news, one social media user said: 

‘Please suspend his licence and if he is caught driving while suspended then please imprison him immediately and not wait until someone’s life is charged forever.’

Another added: ‘Well done. It’s a shame some don’t get the message. Funny emoji btw.’

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  1. My question is I wonder if there are any innocent victims resulting from the incidents that left his car in such a sorry state? I’d be looking at vehicles/people/property damaged by a hit and run driver in his neighbourhood.

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