100 mph Driver Who Was Arrested On Christmas Eve For Drug Driving Is Arrested Again (For Drug Driving)

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It would seem that some people clearly think that they are above the law or that the law does not apply to them.

And it when comes to getting behind the wheel of a car having used drugs, it is the safety of other roads users that really matters.

On Christmas Eve, a motorist in Essex was arrested for drug driving, having been involved in a road traffic collision.

For most sensible people, then this would be enough to convince them not to get behind the wheel of a car whilst being impaired after using drugs.

But not this numpty.

Not only did he get behind the wheel of a car, he also decided to drive that car at speeds of over 100 mph along the A130 in Essex.

He was pulled over, failed a roadside drugs test for cannabis and was, once again, taken into custody.

If you want to put your own life on the line, then that is up to you. But don’t put the lives of other motorists at risk because of your poor decisions.

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